INTERIOR Design without limits

INTERIOR Design without limits. For us, Metal is not only used for the exterior design of buildings, but is also used indoors. The versatile possibilities offered by this raw material make it possible to design unique living spaces.



This Puristic design made from sustainable raw materials. The Bauhaus style, which originated in Germany, still has a formative influence on modern architecture. The flat roof, symbol of sleek aesthetics and progress, also dates from this era. Problems of drainage and tightness of such flat roofs, which were frequently debated, were eliminated by the invention of the welded stainless steel flat roof. The unlimited durability also sets a standard for the future, because stainless steel does keep its shine for a short moment, but creates and preserves sustainable values. The long durability and low maintenance costs make stainless steel an environmentally friendly material, it is also 100% recyclable. Thus making it a popular choice for many designers.


Individual metal facades

Individual metal facades characterized by contemporary architecture is the heart of our Passion. Even at the stage of the provincial tile & steel roofs , metal curtain walls were the core area of ​​our services. Over the years we have specialized in the execution of individual architectural facades through accumulated experience and constant evolving development of new progressive systems and products. We offer specific solutions for demanding visions in this area. Our innovative facade cladding system accentuates the character of your dream building and promises high-quality solutions in construction and design.

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